Seasons & Activities

Fallen Leaf Top 10:

  1. Day Hike or drive to Angora Lakes
  2. Bike Ride to Valhalla, Camp Richardson and the beach at The Beacon
  3. Overnight camp into Desolation Wilderness
  4. Mountain Bike Mr. Toads Wild Ride
  5. Visit the beavers of Lilly Lake
  6. Hike Mt Tellac on the 4th of July to watch the sun rise
  7. Kayak to or paddle to the Secret Cove on Fallen Leaf lake
  8. Ice cream at the Fallen Leaf Store
  9. Take a friend to the Fire Look out on Angora Ridge
  10. Earn your turns on Angora Peak in the winter


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Nearby Attractions

  • White water rafting
  • Sailing
  • Scuba diving
  • Casinos
  • Golf / tennis
  • Horseback riding
  • Resort mountain biking with lifts
  • Outlet stores
  • Gym / spas
  • Hot air balloons
  • Fly fishing
  • Snow skiing

Local Outdoor Sporting Events

  • Road bike Tahoe circuit
  • Mountain Bike race week
  • Trans-Tahoe swim race
  • Iron-Man Tahoe
  • Extera
  • Tahoe Marathon
  • SUP races
  • And more!

Explore these various day-trips directly from your door. Click the link for each route for more info. Better yet, start your own account!

Hiking / Running:

Short: 2-5 mi

Upper Angora Lake: Perfect warm-up out-and-back starting at the Endurance Haus and ending at the amazingly picturesque Upper Angora Lake. Treat yourself to the famous lemonade and a plunge off the jumping rocks before an easy trip back to the Haus.

Angora Fire Lookout: Sweet 3 mi. loop from the FLL Chapel up to the Angora Fire Lookout and back to the FLL store and lake for a refreshing plunge in the lake.

Glen Alpine: Smooth climb up to Desolation Wilderness and famous Glen Alpine Springs.

Long: 10-25 mi

Mt. Tellac Loop: A good solid effort rewarded with the best views of Fallen Leaf Lake and the Lake Tahoe Basin anywhere! Made famous by those who climb in the pre-dawn hours to catch the sunrise every 4th of July!


Upper Angora Lake: An over-the-top gem! Run / hike up from the house Haus or drive / bike the Angora Ridge for the swim of a lifetime. Make a few laps around the lake, take a leap off the famous jumping rocks and recover with the home-made lemonade at the Angora Lakes Lodge. 

Fallen Leaf Lake: The perfect lake for training. 1 mi wide x 3 mi. long. Same altitude as Lake Tahoe. Stay near the edge or venture out across with an escort on an SUP!

Lake Tahoe: For a change of scenery head down to Camp Richardson State Park for long, sandy, (and warmer) shallows.


Lake Tahoe Circuit (Road bike): Step out your door and ride around this amazing alpine wonder. Ride out and back the less traveled West side around Emerald Bay and on to Meeks Bay, Sugar Pine Park, Homewood or Tahoe City. Make it a day and loop the entire lake.

Mr. Toads Wild Ride (Mountain bike): Part of the Tahoe Rim Trail, this loop’s name says it all. Partly a road climb, descent with some technical drops and rocks and sweet flow turns that will put a huge smile on your face.

For the Triathlete:

Angora Lake Mini-Tri: This is a comfortable ride from your door out the Fallen Leaf Road, then up the Angora Ridge to the parking lot. Lock the bikes(or bring them along) and run / hike up past the tempting Lower Angora Lake to the even better Upper Angora Lake. Swim this crisp and pristine jewel, then reverse the process (don’t forget the famous lemonade at the snack shack!).


Fallen Leaf Lake: Step out your door and paddle your heart out on pristine yet challenging distances with just enough scenery to explore over a few days.

Lake Tahoe: Endless Nooks and Crannies from Camp Richardson to Emerald Bay, D.L. Bliss State Park, Meeks Bay, Homewood, Chambers Landing, and everything in between.

Angora Lakes: Upper and Lower lakes offer amazing paddling. Small but so sweet. You will need an inflatable SUP (1/2 mi hike from the parking lot) or just rent a clunker for some fun at Upper Angora.